Chastity Cage

Are you ready to hand over the key to your master and to be kept constantly aroused? The male chastity cages are one of the best chastity devices to fulfil your submissive fantasy. Comparing with cock rings that are more suitable for one-off short sessions or more expensive chastity belts, It can be used regularly or permanent, and it’s affordable.

A male chastity cage, also known as a cock cage, surrounds the entire penis and secures the testicles. When wearing a chastity cage, you can urinate as normal, but you are not able to get an erection or orgasm, and the texture of the cage is normally a ring-based or tube-based to ensure it won’t cause any discomfort or fall off. You can’t even touch own cock once it is in the cage. 

The hollow carved design allows for easy cleaning and makes it perfect for long-term use. The unique feature of cock cages is that they are secured by a lock, and the rule of thumb here is to give up the key and let his partner (or any keyholders he entrust) decide everything. Add to your basket and buy male chastity cage online with discreet shipping today!

Both parties can benefit from using a male chastity cage. Some studies indicate that when a male orgasms after a significant period of denial (from several days to several weeks), his brain produces more dopamine (a chemical that makes him feel happy, both physically and emotionally) and less prolactin (a chemical that relaxes him), thus enforced male chastity can make longer, powerful and more pleasurable orgasms.

The number 1 thing is to find the right chastity cage. Make sure you check our guide How to choose the right size of a male chastity cage. Also, click here for our guide How to use a male chastity cage.

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