Crude Humour

We are not just a regular adult shop that stocks sex toys. Our slightly rude adult gift online store has cool and awesome gift ideas for those that are a little bit naughty by nature. Our products are lightly rude and mischievous by nature but lots of fun at the same time.

From boob cushions, willy blindfolds and naked aprons towilly glasses and penis baking moulds, our products are there for one simple reason, fun! Nothing like some good old fashion dirty humour to turn things up a notch.

Whether it’s a hen party, stag party, cheeky birthday present, office secret Santa or anniversary, you’re guaranteed to find a fun and even functional naughty gift to match the occasion.

Our Rude adult gift and party toys are not for people who are under 18 or lack a risque appetite, but if you think you can handle it and you enjoy something a bit obscene and naughty, you are sure to find something different for your novelty gift idea from our Rude adult gift online store.

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