Flavoured Lubricant

Whether you are obsessed with dessert indulgence, sweet and creamy salted caramel, or simply a tropical fruit lover, flavoured lubes will offer you a delicious experience, and it is particularly handy when it comes to blowjobs. While it has all benefits like other water-based lubes and performs all the usual duties required of lube, flavoured lube is a huge bonus to encourage your partner to get into some oral fun! Our flavoured lubricants with water-based formulas are completely safe for ingestion.

Our bestselling flavoured lubes include fruit flavoured (strawberry, passionfruit, pineapple, and kiwifruit) and cocktail inspired (Pina Colada), dessert temptation (Tiramisu, Creme Brûlée, and Salted Caramel). Some will taste just like the real deal to you, the key here is to be open minded and experimenting and eventually, you will find what you (both) like. The ultimate advantage of using flavoured lubricant is to make your down under taste irritable.

You can also try to buy flavoured lube online for solo play too. Instead of spit-lubrication, why don’t you treat yourself with flavoured lubricant? The whole self-pleasing session will be lifted to the next level with tempting scents and tastes.

We have also got other flavoured products for you to enjoy such as body paint (Dona), body lotion and massage oil (Kama Sutra), and there is no limitation to try these the way you fantasies.

We recommend trying the product with a small amount, to begin with as some bodies are more sensitive to others, and always check the ingredients first. If a flavoured lube contains a food ingredient you’re allergic to, you might have a skin reaction from the lube. Sex lube gel that contains sugar or glycerin can be a problem sometimes as it might irritate or encourages yeast infections. 

Buy flavoured lube online to stimulate the senses and indulge the taste buds at The Naughty Corner. For the most part, yes it is safe to use lubricant with condoms. 

Order flavoured lube online today and get an exclusive discount! For more information, contact us via phone or email.

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