Personal Lubricant

“The wetter the better”, is the golden rule of sex, and that is exactly what you can expect from buying personal lube. Using personal lube is great - it is nothing to feel awkward or embarrassed about. Lubricants can enhance your sexual experience.

Sex lube gel is no longer only associated with DRYNESS, it is all about controlling friction for ultimate sex. Many people who produce ample amounts of vaginal fluids still apply personal lube to increase their sexual pleasure.

There are a few varieties of bases when it comes to lube: Water, Silicone, oil and then hybrids (combinations of the three). Each of them has pros and cons and are more suitable for certain situations. Click here to find out more: Water-based lube, Silicone lube, Natural oil lube.

Using Personal lube does not mean that your partner does not desire sex, or is not aroused. Lubes are recommended for anyone and everyone, at any time. It is a sexual-enhancer, and it does not mean that there is something “wrong”.

Many women like using Personal lube, even if they are already aroused. It does not indicate anything other than the desire to have fun. So why not start using lube? Do what you can with it to increase your pleasure and add to your basket to buy Personal lube online with speedy discreet delivery guaranteed!

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