About Us

Who we are

Don’t deny your curiosity and fantasy about sex toys. For sure, lots of people out there may want to give it a go but the idea is shut down by shyness. Thanks to the growing popularity of the internet, smartphones, and e-commerce, now it is easier for customers to take their time to browse and fill their naughty cart. Imagine walking out of one of the local adult stores carrying a shopping bag and bumping into your neighbour, colleague or worse, fellow church member? Absolutely disastrous!

As two relatively small but beautiful islands, compared to the continents like Europe, America and Asia, we lack what major competition in the open market offers the rest of the world, leaving us with little choice but to pay extra for almost everything.

After finding the product range of adult sex toys and novelty party items available online in New Zealand limited and excessively priced, Palmerston North couple, Vernon and Yi, decided to start importing affordable, high quality products from Asia to spice up New Zealanders sex lives, and so The Naughty Corner was established.

What we are offering

We carefully chose our products to guarantee your purchase from our store is affordable, satisfying and 100% body-safe. Our main adult toy supplier is one of the worlds specialised manufacturers of sex toys and adult products since 1993. They have registered patents in the US and have their own design team. The successful brands they produce include BaiLe, Crazy Bull, and Pretty Love. One of their better known brands is Pretty Love, which products have won international product design and communication design prizes around world, including The Red Dot Design Award (Germany), Asia Adult Expo (HK).

We also supply gag toys and gadgets which features a bit of adult humour that can spice up any hen party, stag party, or provide a good office giggle.

Why Choose us?

Duo to the sensitive nature of our products, we offer 100% discreet packaging and shipping. We also operate with minimal overheads to ensure we can deliver you the best products at the lowest prices.

We like to hear from our customers

We’re still growing and adding product regularly, so if you couldn’t find what you’re after this time round, please check back every now and then, or better yet, drop us a line and let us know what you’re looking for, so we can add it to our next shipment. We’ll try our best to ensure you have a delightful online shopping experience with us, but if we get it wrong, please get in touch and we’ll try our best to put it right.

Play Hard! Stay Safe!